'education': {
        'school': 'Northwestern University',
        'majors': ['Computer Science, Environmental Policy and Culture'],
        'year': 'fourth',

    'skills': {
        'frontend': ['React', 'Next.js', 'Javascript', 'Typescript', 'HTML/CSS'],
        'backend': ['Node.js', 'Django', 'Spring'],
        'object-oriented': ['Python', 'C/C++'],

    'interests': {
        'programming': ['software engineering', 'full stack dev'],
        'industries': ['sustainable and green tech','AI','edtech'],
        'hobbies': ['tennis', 'sailing', 'scuba diving', 'guitar'],


My name is Annabel Edwards, and I'm currently a student at Northwestern from Chicago, IL. I am very interested in AI and software driven solutions for renewable energy optimization, waste reduction, and eco-efficient urban planning, aiming to use my technical skills to make a contribution towards a greener future.